OTTO Prod is a French structure founded in Paris, in 2006. Members of the association, which later turned into a group, combine their own art practice with art production including exhibitions, art residencies and specific artwork production. The group has been focusing on Art Residency and has been giving the opportunity to imagine, produce, and exhibit the most ambitious projects to a wide selection of international artists thanks to a full curatorial, technical, human, and financial support for more than  nine years. OTTO-Prod has initiated a creative and productive combination through art exchanges with Maribor, Slovenia, which began in Pekarna Cultural Centre, and Marseille, France, where the Group is currently based. Works and projects of more than a hundred artists have been carried out by OTTO-Prod since 2006, with exhibitions, residence programme and cultural seasons including The Branch in 2009, Working Holidays from 2010 until 2015 as well as a dozen of art residencies and other projects including collective/solo exhibitions, festivals and artwork productions. The group has developed various collaborations with french and slovene institutions and structures (FRAC PACA, MAC Marseille, La Friche de la Belle de Mai,  Galerie des Grands Bains Douches, UGM, Skuc Gallery, Kibla, Maribor Guestroom among others...) . The Group has been involved into the impulse of further international exchanges between France and Slovenia.